Impact of Coaching Behavior on the Performance of Female Athletes: A Correlational Study

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Sumera Sattar
Syed Asim Hussain
Syed Ihtisham Ahmed


The study was conducted to examine coaching behavior towards female ath-letes like their physical training & conditioning, technical skills, mental preparation, goal setting and its impact on athlete’s performance. Eighty fe-male athletes were selected from different universities of Lahore, through simple random sampling technique. Correlational study had been conducted among subscale of coaching behavior and performance. A model was devel-oped to examine the impact of these behaviors on performance of athletes by using significant level of 0.05. Correlation and multiple regression analysis showed that coaching behavior had highly positive effect on athlete’s perfor-mance. It is concluded that coaching behavior strongly affects the perfor-mance of athletes. And most important is mental preparation of athletes as it highly effects on the performance. So the coaches should be trained enough to prepare the athletes according to requirements to achieve desired outcomes.

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