Physical Activity as Preparation for Future Life: Situation Analysis in Schools

  • Dr. Asaf Niwaz
  • Dr. Tehseen Tahir
  • Dr. Umbreen Ishfaq
  • Prof. Talat Khurshed
  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed Khan
Keywords: Physical Activities


The study was descriptive in nature and a survey design was used to examine physical activities of students inside schools. A secondary purpose was to analyze the role of physical training instructors (PTIs) and roles of overall school opportunities for physical training. Total respondents were n=200, consisting of 50 male and female PTIs; 150 male and female students were selected using a stratified random sampling technique. A questionnaire was developed to examine sport activities of schools, supervision of PTIs, encouragement and motivation from teachers and heads of schools. Data were collected through personal visits and analyzed through chi-square within SPSS. It was found that the majority of PTIs did not perform duties in a professional manner. They did not take interest in the physical wellbeing of students. They did not teach basic rules of sports to students. They did not plan and/or arrange physical activities for students. The role of the institution in promoting healthy activities at school was a missing component. It was recommended that properly trained PTIs be appointed in schools. Proper physical training of students is highly encouraged at school level for healthy living throughout the lifespan.