An Analytic Study of Coaching Evaluation Process of Female Directress Sport

  • Toshaba Channa
  • Dr. Soniha Aslam
  • Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal
  • Dr. Basit Ansari
Keywords: Computer-based educational games, Public and Private Schools, Causal Comparative, Experimental method, Cognitive development


Physical education is the knowledge of skill and science of movement of human body, Physical education is a fundamental part of overall education course which has its goals such as development of physical, mental, moral and social wellbeing. It executes an important role in the physical activity levels of athletes. Its aim is to offer instructional actions that develop skills, technique, competence, and improve an overall health of an individual. Physical education not only accomplishes an exclusive role in education, but is also a fundamental element of sports activities. In Pakistan, physical education in the Past as well in present was not given due importance and the female Directress sports in schools and colleges of Pakistan were not sufficiently available and trained. Consequently, need was felt to appoint the female director sports and trained at least to have a basic information, and skill to manage sport activities in schools and colleges. It was also vital that as compared to other subject teachers, female Directress sports must have equivalent qualification. Globally sports revolution came and need of skilled female directress sports who can work effectively increased. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the coaching performance of the Female Directress sports working in the government (degree) colleges of Hyderabad city (Sindh). The purpose of the study was to evaluate how the motivation of Female directress sports will make sure the optimum participation of girls athletes in sports and physical activities. To determine that evaluation will help female directress sports to assess their own potentials and deficiencies and how evaluation will facilitate to diminish the negative perception about female participation in sports by parents and society. 14 female directress sports from all nine Government Girls Degree Colleges of Hyderabad city were taken to evaluate the coaching performance of directress sports. A five point Likert scale ranging from strongly agrees to strongly disagree, was used for collecting data.The result of the study shows that the overall teaching techniques, content knowledge and class room management of female Directress sports were better and they have ability to demonstrate, teach, analyze, and correct the techniques. Female directress sports were aware about the fundamental skills of game but less aware about latest coaching techniques. Further the study reveals that coaching performances of female Directress sports were not up to the mark.