The Implementation of Conceptual Metaphor Theory in the Context of Football and Linguistics

  • Saadia Mahmood-ul-Hassan
  • M. Farhan Tabassum
  • Jamshaid Ahmad
  • Shahzaman Khan
Keywords: Football, commentary, Metaphor, conceptual metaphor Theory, War scenario.


This article is an attempt to study the use and implication of war-inspired terminologies in the football commentary which is live. There was found a noteworthy conceptual transfer between these two areas, it represented the reasonableness and sustainability of the chief metaphor. Moreover, it was claimed that such metaphorical illustrations connect with a form of escalating terminologies; to portray a war like scenario. Football commentators use such words to intensify the pace of match coverage. Argentina and Brazil are known as arch rivals and their contest is always expected competitive. While Germany and Argentina are world's best teams, have mesmerizing influence on the minds of people. It was a comparative study which exposed the variation of intensity level in the commentary which was equally indefatigable in the knock out stage matches. Though it was predicted that 2nd match of arch rivals would have been more enthusiastic, yet the amount of metaphors and warinspired terminologies was more in the 1st semi-final. The analysis delineated the difference of such words; 1st semi-final has more poetic, passionate and action verbs as compare to the other two matches. Cognitive Metaphor Theory can be extended to study the other sports equally.