Assessing the Role of Emotional Stability and Employee Motivation in Declined Job Performance: Role of Job Stress in Health Care Sector

  • Naveed Iqbal Chaudhry
  • Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar
  • Usman Tariq
  • Dr. Mushtaque Ali Jareko
Keywords: Employee Motivation, job Performance, Role of Job in Stress.


Employee performance is a key to an organization‟s success and it comes from the members of the organization. It is considered as one of the most important output as it contributes to organizational development. It is considered that job stress often diminishes it in presence of emotional stability and motivation. The purpose of this study is three-fold where initially researchers analyzed the relationship between job stress and employee job performance. Mediating role of motivation and moderating role of emotional stability has also been tested in this regard. The target population of this study was the public and private hospitals and healthcare centers of Pakistan. The data were collected through simple random sampling technique in which 200 nurses were selected from the healthcare sectors of Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions. The findings revealed that job stress is significantly but negatively correlated with job performance so, it can decrease employee performance while the motivation plays a significant mediating role too along with the confirmation of the moderating role of emotional stability that has also been confirmed in present study and it can reduce the impact of stress on performance. This study is significant due to its mediated moderation model and unique methodology.