Role of Head Teachers in Government Secondary Schools Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: A Case Study

  • Ghulam Mohuyuddin Solangi
Keywords: Teachers‟ Job Satisfaction, Head Teachers, Government Secondary Schools, Sindh


The present paper has been drawn from a study which was conducted to gauge teachers’ job satisfaction level in a selected district of rural Sindh.This paper reports the findings of a study which was attempted to analyze the role of head teachers (HTs) in addressing issues relating to teacher’s motivation and job satisfaction. Qualitative approach was used in the study. Convenient sampling strategy was used for selection of sample. For collection of data informal interviews were conducted from 30 government secondary school head teachers of District NaushahroFeroze. Both Male and female head teachers were included in the study. Thematic approach was used for data analysis. The key findings of the study suggested that: HTs were passionate about teachers’ motivation and job satisfaction. The strategies they adopted for teachers job satisfaction and motivation include verbal appreciation, award of certificate on maintaining good attendance of students and performance in examination, nomination of teachers for in-service training programs and recommend teachers for promotion to higher grade. However, HTs mentioned different challenges with reference to teachers’ job satisfaction and motivation. Secondary schools were missing basic facilities such as uninterrupted supply of electricity, proper sanitation, lack of computers, internet facility in schools and lack of continuous professional development opportunities for teachers and head teachers. According to HTs this adds towards teachers de-motivation and low satisfaction about their job. The study has made a number of policy suggestions for Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh.