Levels of Anxiety in Sports during Training and Competition among Students of Physical Education

  • Dr. Soniha Aslam
  • Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari
  • Dr. Aslam Ghouri
  • Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal
Keywords: Anxiety in Sports


The intellectual capability in games and sports is normally measured in relation to general cognitive-somatic techniques including mental preparation of visualizing cognitive behavior therapy and muscle relaxation in demonstration to a particular sports as originate its ability to supervise itself, as results were acquired to achieve through modified mental skills training, which is important to implement the cognitive-somatic therapy. The psychological skills training has designed with combined methods to achieve psychological skill necessities among athletes as viewed by any single individual athlete satisfying courses based on their psychological condition of the individual in sports competitions. It is important to describe the physical skills training methods as these employ psychological impact in contributing the need to develop confidence and concentration among athletes as it has become necessary tool used to help improving the Physical training skills as early research prescribed about physical training skills has vital influence towards achieving the required performance. The purpose of the current study was to observe the difference between anxieties during training and pre-competition anxiety level among male students of physical education. A Total 50 (N=50) male students were randomly selected from center for physical education health & sports science university of Sindh. Data was assembled with a help of Sports Competitive Anxiety Test (SCAT) consisting of 15 statements. Pre-competition anxiety of male students of physical education was higher than during training session anxiety levels.