Effective Motivation Techniques used by Teachers in Academic Achievements at Secondary School Level

  • Dr. Tehseen Tahir
  • Talat Khurshed
  • Dr. Umbreen Ishfaq
  • Muneeba Gul
Keywords: Effective, Motivation, Techniques, Secondary School, Teachers.


Motivation is the heart of teaching and learning process. It is usually defined as an internal state that arouses, directs and maintains behavior a certain period of time. However, it is the process of arousing, sustaining and regulating activities, to be precise a concept limited to some aspects such as the energetic behavior or purposive regulation. The current study intended to investigate the motivational techniques used by the teachers in secondary schools and to explore the effects of motivation techniques on student‟s achievements. Out of forty teachers, twenty seven secondary level teachers were randomly selected from Working Folk Grammer School No 1 from District Haripur. A questionnaire was used as an instrument for collecting data from the sampled teachers the data were collected by the personal visit of the researcher to the sampled school. Percentage was used for the analysis of data. On the basis of the analysis it was concluded that most of the teachers provide chances for weak students to obtain good marks while some teachers treat both types of students equally. Majority of the teachers reward the students with positive reinforcement and very few with negative reinforcement which depends upon the teachers dispositions. Students for good behavior are appreciated by the teacher using signs and face expression s and some are silent when they punish the students and send problematic students out of the class. It was suggested that the teachers should be trained in the area of reward and punishment because this will change the learner‟s behavior, emphasis should be laid during training on the classroom management techniques to deal the students according to their individual differences, evaluation should be done at every step of teaching learning process so that proper feedback and guidance on the part of the teachers should be checked out.