Significance of Advance Technology Using Modern Equipment in International Sports Competitions

  • Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal
  • Dr. Soniha Aslam
  • Shahzaman Khan
Keywords: Advance Technology in sports Competitions.


This paper has been written relating to advance technology which has effectively magnified the equipment designs used in International sports competitions, and actively understand the impact of the advanced technology of apparatuses in conducting sports competitions received better-quality design to refer it as a paramount importance in getting accurate results in the contested events. Thus, use of various technological apparatuses such as computers plays a very effective and crucial role in conducting the sport competitions worldwide. In many Asian as well as in Euro American nations, it has become remarkable example that these nations are using advance technology in sports competitions and have the ability to use modern equipment that are incorporated with sensitive devices in computers as its important function. The known international athletes often go through performing some human performance evaluating their training progress as it express the dissimilarity in exercise stress testing, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and exercise tolerance evaluation to utilize the command over these sophisticated biomechanical equipments to collect the accurate results through these advanced equipments such as knowing the advanced computer technology to make active use of evaluating the strength and condition of the body movements of athletes. The display of well designed equipments manufacturing athletic gears provide enormous benefits to the relevance of delicate resources which reduce the weight during active work outs that increase the strength and provide superior probability to extend the life span of individuals who engage themselves in regular physical daily activity programs. It is important to note that advance equipments and material used have made the sport participation safer that helped to increase the large number of participants in sports competitions equally for boys and girls at all levels as it seems good sign for sports competitions particularly developing country like Pakistan.