Impact of Leadership Approach on the Performance of Secondary School Teachers in District Tando Allahyar of Sindh Province

  • Muhammad Shafi Messo
  • Safia Khatoon Mesa
  • Kaniz Fatima Mesa
  • Zahid Hussain Kazi
Keywords: Leadership Approach, Performance of Secondary School Teachers


A survey study was carried out during the year 2014 to assess the impacts of leadership approach on job performance and satisfaction of teachers in secondary and higher secondary schools of district Tando Allahyar. Certain leadership approaches of the principals were presented to the Principals and their teachers to perceive on. The results reveal that responses of teachers differed from the principals‟ responsetowards adoption of „initiation approach of leadership‟ and rating of principals for themselves was higher than rated by the teachers. The opinions of principals and teachers on „consideration approach of leadership‟indicated that principals of the school overratedfor adoption extent towards consideration style approach. Also there was a clear difference in the opinion of the principals and the teachers for adoption of „intellectual stimulation approach. The individuals on their desirable parameters supposed to over rate and for undesirable traits they under-rate themselves. Being managers, the principals wanted to expose high promotion chances for the teachers; while the respondents indicated that teacher involvement in decision making process facilitated the making improved decisions. In case of impact of neglecting teachers on interest of teachers in their job indicated that management of school supports the fact and success of the teachers should be recognized on achievementoriented basis efforts, and opportunities should be provided to the teachers to ensure their job satisfaction.