Effect of Playing Venue on University Male Volleyball Players’ Perception of Effort

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Yasmeen Tabassum
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt
Nabila Roohi


The main objective of the present investigation was to check the effect of playing venue on players’ perception of effort after the match on home and an opponent’s home playing venue. A total of ninety-six players’ age 18-24 years from eight different public and private universities were monitored during eight competitive matches playing against each other on a home and opponent’s home ground. A higher score of perception of effort of volleyball players 5.50 ± 0.28 was observed on opponent’s playing venue after the match due to decrease scores of tactics 3.32±0.01, territoriality 3.49±0.05, familiarity 2.98±0.03, referee bias 3.66±0.05 and crowd support 3.26±0.02. Whereas, an increased score of travel was 3.69±0.05. In conclusion, the playing venue extensively influenced the perception of effort of players because of less support of its factors on opponent’s home ground owing to players found their match activity very hard.

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