The Impact of Exercise to Overcome Aggression among Down Syndrome Students

  • Syeda Maryam Zahra Sports Instructor /Teaching Assistant, Lahore College for Women University.
  • Irsa Batool Kazmi Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Physical Education, University of Haripur.
  • Maryam Iqbal Ph.D Scholar, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.


Aggression and it`s behavioral problem is one of public disruption and social chronic problem. The purpose of this research was determining the impact of exercise on decreasing aggression in Down syndrome student. To explore the obstacles student with Down syndrome experience during physical activities the researcher has designed intervention programs and opportunities for the promotion of life-long physical activities for ignored population of students. To prove that the field of physical education can do work for betterment of special population.

This research was experimental. The sample was composed of 30 students that selected through simple random sampling and then it’s divided into two group’s experimental group and others in control group. Pre and post experiment interviews has been recorded from parents and instructor of Down syndrome students. This was Qualitative Data Analysis, Theme were generated after data transcription08 weeks Exercise sessions has conducted per week (90 minute), the end of intervention aggression both instrumental and hostile decreased. There was significant difference between two groups after intervention, Research finding showed that exercise was effective on decreasing of aggression in Down syndrome students. It is concluded that the exercise is help full for controlling aggression among Down syndrome students. Exercises are highly recommended for the individual having difficulties on managing aggression among Down syndrome students.