An Attitude of College Students Towards the Sports and Physical Activities: A Case Study in Sargodha City

  • Faiz-ul-Hassan Shah M.Phil. & Physical Training Instructor, Karachi.
  • Dr. Muhammad Rafique Qambrani Associate Professor, Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
  • Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari Professor, Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
Keywords: Attitude, physical activity, social, aesthetics, health, fitness, education, physical education, physical education teacher and physical literateness.


Objectives: The study surveys the attitude of college students towards sports and physical activities from Sargodha city. Instructive associations should prerequisite to inspire students to participate in sports and physical activities. Physical education is an important part of education. These days man is full of tension and nervousness at any stage of life expectancy. Every individual needs to take part in regular physical events along with daily repetitive work.
Method: A simple questionnaire survey method had functional and used a random sampling technique to collect the study data of 300 subjects from selected six Government degree colleges of Sargodha city. The variables of the study were physical activities such as social experiences, health & fitness, and aesthetic experiences had given a pure vision into the study of attitudes of college students.
Results: This research study outcome helps to concentrate on their work and maintain a healthy mind and body. The reliability of the collected data was checked through SPSS 22 version. Cronbach’s alpha significance for 134 male students is 0.904 and for 166 female students is 0.876. The outcomes of reliability were obtained for social experience 0.797, health & fitness 0.858, and Aesthetic experience 0.712. The total overall 300 subjects Cronbach’s alpha significance was 0.880 for both genders.
Conclusion: The overall attitude towards selected variables was significant. Maximum college students were aware of the benefits of sports and physical activities, health, and fitness for their aesthetic experience to remain well-being in life.