Fitness Level of Students of University of Education Lahore

  • Muhammad Zahid Mahmood Lecturer, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Education Lahore.
  • Shahid Ali Khan Director Physical Education, Government Boys Degree College, Korangi, Karachi.
  • Amira Farooq EST Government Girls Elementary, School Chak No 139/DB Bahawalpur.


The main objective of the study was to examine the influence of external and internal factors on health and fitness and to find out the most dominating factors affecting the physical fitness of the students of the university of education Lower Mall Campus Lahore. The researcher created 05 hypotheses to examine the objectives of the study. Male and female students of the University of Education Lahore were selected as part of the study. A 20% representative sample was taken from both male and female students, the total population was taken according to the Gay formula (1985). A representative sample of 50 was selected using a convenient sampling method. A self-development questionnaire was used to collect data. The validation process, test cases, and reliability were performed accordingly. The questionnaire was personally distributed to all respondents. The returned responses were analyzed using SPSS version 20 and Excel Micro software. In the first step, the researcher used descriptive statistics that showed the frequency, percentages, and averages of the responses. Second, the researcher used unpredictable statistics to examine formulation hypotheses.
The results of the study were drawn based on the analysis of the data. The data showed that all internal and external factors are in the university and have had a significant impact on the physical fitness of students of the university of education Lahore in Pakistan (P> 0.05). However, the impact of all internal and external factors was found to be greater in students. Regarding dominant factors among internal and external factors, it was concluded that inappropriate training and participation in athlete training dominated internal factors and family influence among external factors affecting sport at University. It is recommended that the relevant authorities should provide all facilities for students to increase student participation in sporting activities at the university level