First Aid as Influential Factor Affecting Health and Sport’ Performance of the Athletes

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Dr. Syed Zia-ul-Islam
Dr. Saeed Javid
Syed Asif Abbas


First aid and its significance in sport activities was the main purpose of the present study. Also to come up, the insights of the two main concerned masses (athlete and director sport) of universities’ about of first aid facilities influence as a factor upon the health status and sport performance of the KP, province of Pakistan was the place of work. Populace was private and public sector universities director sports and athletes. The 671 athletes and 31 director sport were selected as sample. The sample was selected through Proportionate sampling technique for the equal representation of populace in each university. The required information about first aid was obtained through a self-developed Likert type scale. Personal visit was made to each university for the distribution of the questionnaire. The returned response of the filled questionnaire was recorded 82%. The stepwise regression and independent-sample t-test were used to analyze the data. The findings of the study indicated that a significant effect was observed upon the health and sport performance of university athletes due non-availability of the appropriate facilities of first aid in sport events. And more effect was observed in private sector universities.

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