Effect of Caring Climate on Sports Motivation of Basketball Players

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Mufeez Alam
Muhammad Zeeshan Butt
Bilal Ahmed


The main purpose of the study was to analyze the impact of Caring Climate on Sports Motivation of basketball athletes. A sample of 57 male players was selected through random sampling. The data was collected through Caring Climate Scale and Sports Motivation Scale, which were 5 and 7 point Likert scales respectively. The overall Cronbach’s alpha value for the questionnaires was 0.80. descriptive statistics and regression analysis were applied for data analysis. It was revealed that there is no significant impact of Caring Climate on Sports Motivation. The regression model shows that there is only 3% variability in the sports motivation can be explained by Caring Climate. The F and P values for both variables were 0.164 and 0.1687 shows that the model is not significant. The value of regression coefficients for caring climate show (βi= -0.128, T= -0.404 and P= 0.687 whereas P> 0.05) that there is no positive impact of caring climate on sports motivation of basketball players.

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