Effects of Non-Dominant Leg Training on Performance of Dominant Leg: A Study of Long Jump Athletes

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Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal
Dr. Shahzaman Khan
Ishrat Fatima


Bilateral training involves standard movements that are simultaneously symmetrical. The aim of the study was to evaluate the bilateral motor performance effect on the dominant leg by training the non-dominant leg of long jump athletes who are deaf. Thirty-two athletes were randomly selected to participate. They were divided into a control group and an experimental group. The control group was given unilateral training, and the experimental group was provided with bilateral training for a period of 8 weeks. Pre, post and retention tests were given. An in-dependent sample t-test was used to find the difference between experimental and control groups. Results revealed a significant different between both groups. Bi-lateral training significantly improves the performance of the dominant leg in long jumpers who are deaf.

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