Locating, interpreting and designing Research-based practices: How can coaches benefit?

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Dr. Darlene Kluka


Coaches continue to seek valid and reliable information based upon sound re-search conducted to improve athlete performance. Sport scientists seek to find consensus involving evidence so that coaches and athletes can improve performance safely. In many cases, locating the appropriate study is difficult. One investigation is not generally enough to spin coaches’ directions on an issue. The methods portion of a paper will provide detailed information about those who participated in the investigation. A good study involving physiological or strength training performance parameters, for example, will typically have an experimental and a control group. Generally, all participants are tested at the beginning of the investigation (pre-test) to determine a baseline before any intervention is conducted. Interpretation can be overwhelming, but there are simple ways to interpret the results into meaningful information. The answer to the re-search question involved in the study is considered the conclusion. Coaches need to have a basic understanding of research-based evidence that can enhance their knowledge, coaching techniques and strategies and, ultimately, their professional credibility and indispensable role in athlete success.

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