Impact of Managerial Competency Skills on Team Performance among University Coaches

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Humaira Farah
Saira Mughal
Hummera Mughal


The present study has focused on the effect of managerial competency skills on the team performance of university coaches with the assistance of six basic skills to be specific: visual, critical thinking, group building, reasoning, refereeing and human resource skills. All of these skills assumed to be important to develop managerial competency abilities and improved group performance at any level. The investigation used quantitative research method and a close-ended questionnaire was developed for data collection. A simple random sampling technique was used through random number generating. Data was collected from seven universities of different areas of Lahore to get a diverted opinion with the idea to get reliable results. Multiple Regression Model was used for data analysis. On the basis of the findings all the null hypotheses were rejected. So, it can be concluded that there is huge impact of managerial competency skills on team performance among university coaches; this has been proven through the selected study variables. This clearly means that all these variables have positive impact on the overall team performance, which should be practiced by the managerial coaches employed at various universities.

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