Influence of Sports Fan Motivation as the Predictor of Re-Visit Intention towards Sports Events (Empirical Evidence from Local Sports)

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Neelam Jugwani
Dr. Iram Rani Laghari
Dr. Rehman Gul Gilal


Sport is one of the best ways to divert the attention of individual from daily life stress. Individuals who attend sports events can reduces their stress and over-come from boredom of workload as being part of a sport event however researcher conducted this research to measure the influence of sports fan motivation on spectator re-visit intention towards local sports events. Although results indicate that sports fan motivation including escape knowledge, physical and social factors have positive and significant influence on spectator re-visit intention. In addition, 150 spectators participate in this research. Furthermore, scales were reliable although, validity and reliability were adequate in this research. Similarly, RMSEA indicates an acceptable fit model in this research. Furthermore, correlation analysis indicated meaningful and significant correlation with each other. Additionally, this research suggested that educational sectors like universities have to organize local sports to appeal spectators and create a phenomenon of entertainment to grab the attention of spectators.

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