Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Female Athletes

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Aqsa Shamim Ahmed
M. Farhan Tabassum
Shafeeza Younas


Eating habits and routine of athletes are directly affected by the Sports. The present study examined the prevalence of eating disorders in female athletes. For this purpose a sample of 60 female athletes was selected using purposive sampling from University of Lahore, age ranging from18-22years. The EAT-26 Garner et al. (1982) was used to measure the prevalence of eating disorders. The reliability analysis of the scale was found to be 0.74 indicating EAT 26 as reliable scale to measure the eating disorders. The results of the study show that 37 athletes out of 60 i-e, 61.6%were having symptoms of eating disorders where prevalence is highest among the age group of 20-21 years. Furthermore, dieting had positive correlation with oral control subscale of EAT-26.

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