Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Education in Sindh Province of Pakistan

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Dr Erum Khushnood Zahid Shaikh
Ghazala Umer Baghat
Fatima Gill


Education is a basic human right. Education is a major source of creating and developing variety of productive capacities and expertise among human beings. Males’ and females’ equal access to education makes them efficient and effective in their personal and professional roles and enables them to contribute to economic and social development of their countries. Male-female population of Sindh province has significant contribution in the economy of Sindh province as well, in the economy of the country. Whereas, in Sindh province as compared to male population female have little access to their basic rights including education. Government of Pakistan as well as Government of Sindh is focused on providing education to all, up to higher education level for uplifting the unstable economy of the country. The Government took various initiatives such as education policies, planes and schemes to enhance accessibility of education with special focus on female. However, females’ education status remains more unsatisfactory in province of Sindh. Therefore, this research paper is focused on presents the current scenario of male versus female education standing in Sindh and to examine the comparative growth in male and female education status, during past years in Pakistan. This research study also identifies the causes and socio-economic obstacles which make female more deprive to get education in this modern era.

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