Research Ethics Policy


  •  Pakistan Study Centre expects the editors and reviewers to handle contribution of authors as per policy of confidentiality. Our journal ensures that the research is conducted in a fair and in ethical manner.

  •  If any submitted manuscript include false data or fabricated data prior to publication will be rejected and the author will be bound to provide explanation. The journal will refuse papers submitted by author if he/she fails to satisfy the journal.

  •  Research involving humans must be approved by relevant body and it must confirm to international ethical and legal practice.

  •  Authors are expected to respect the right of people to privacy. They need to get consent of respondents who contributed ideas, data, information used for the creation of manuscript / article / paper.

  •  Freedom of expression is critical to us as academic publishers. However, our journal does not publish false statements that can harm reputation, of individuals and organization. In case, authors make an error, the journal may rectify and issue corrigendum.

  •  Pakistan Study Centre maintains the principles of research integrity and ethics and standards.