An Analysis of Existential Aspect of G. Allana’s English Poetry

  • Abdul Waheed Jatoi
  • Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi
Keywords: Existentialism, Freedom of choice, Free will, Nothingness, Self-realization


This paper on the topic “An Analysis of Existential Aspect of G. Allana’s English Poetry” is textual analysis research. G. Allana variably known as Ghulam Ali Allana is a famous poet of Pakistan in English who stands among leading Pakistani English Poets and writers. His poetry retains a wide range of subjects. This research paper covers the existential aspect of his poetry through which the concept of spiritual freedom has been analyzed and evaluated. To him the concept of real freedom is the existential freedom where the individual fights and confronts the fear of void and inner conflicts. He believes even the freedom of choice is linked with the existential freedom that is based on the freedom from fear and doubt. Free Will can be maintained only on the physical and spiritual freedom. The conclusion of the whole discourse is given at the end.