Practices of Formative Assessment Applied at Public Secondary Schools in District Badin

  • Murtaza Ali Laghari


The present study examined the current formative assessment practices applied at public secondary schools in District Badin. The purpose of this research study was to know the short fallsof the formative assessment practices.The important role of formative assessment is strengthening the ongoing process of sharing and receiving the knowledge in perspective of facilitating student learning which has been well time-honored in the literature. Though, describing the formative assessment in a particular way in a classroom is rather a convoluted task. The main reason to conduct this research activity is to facilitate the policy makers to reschedule the outdated and shuffled system of assessment in public secondary schools. . It was to describe that on what extent the formative assessment practices are made and the level of its implemented in public secondary schools’ in district Badin,The research study was quantitative in nature. Descriptive type of research was used in this study. The population of the study was consisted of all the Head Teachers of Boys Public Secondary Schools in District Badin, in this study Simple random Sampling method was used with the help of Rule of Thumb by John Curry Professor of educational research (1984). Data was collected through Likert scale 5.0 and analysed through SPSS.Future implications and recommendations for further research are given respectively.