Effect of Punishment on Students’ Motivation towards study: A case study of Primary schools in District Khairpur

  • Abdul Majeed Shar
  • Shahnaz Parveen Channa
Keywords: Punishment; Academic Motivation, Primary School, district Khairpur 1Visiting


The study was descriptive and quantitative in nature and survey method was adopted, population of the study was consisted on head teachers, and teachers and random sampling technique was adopted. Sample of study was comprised of 40 head teachers, 80 teachers and 240 student of primary level in district Khairpur. After data collection it was analysed through SPSS. To investigate the effect of corporal punishment on students’ motivation and learning and also to investigate teachers point of views regarding corporal punishment. It was found that the most of respondents were agreed that corporal punishment and rewards have positive effect on students’ motivation towards study at primary level in district Khairpur.