Analysis of the prevailing teaching strategies to promote critical thinking at elementary level

  • Abdul Waheed Dahri
  • Mehboob Ali Dehraj
  • Naseem Hyder Rajput
  • Masroor Hussain Abbasi
Keywords: Critical thinking, teaching strategies, classroom, public elementary students.


The purpose of this study was to analyze the effective teaching strategies that promoted critical thinking among the students of public elementary schools in four Talukas of District Shaheed Benazirabad. A self-made questionnaire containing 15 statements was distributed among 102 participants including 64 male and 38 female teachers in 28 public elementary schools. The target population was 314 junior school teachers in 64 public elementary schools in the district. It was found that visual-aid used as a teaching tool to promote critical thinking and logic through colorful text, voice, pictures, and videos. Study is very important because it has dragged the teachers’ attention towards the most effective and result-oriented teaching strategies.