Exploring the Role of Teachers Training Instituions in Enhancing Teaching Practices of Secondary School Teachers in District Kech, Balochistan, Pakistan

  • Muhammad Nadeem
  • Jameel Ahmed
  • Iftikhar hussain Jafri
  • Tarique Bhatti
Keywords: Teaching Practice, In-Service Trainings, Training Institutions


Social and economic growth in a country is achieved through education. In Balochistan, two training institutions namely, Bureau of Curriculum and Provincial Institute for Teacher Education provide pre-services and in-service teacher training programs. The aim of this study was to explore the role of teacher training institutions in improving teaching practices of secondary school teachers in District Kech, Balochistan, Pakistan. The study adopted descriptive survey type technique to conduct the research. Random Sampling technique was used to select head teachers and secondary school teachers. The questionnaire tools was used to collect data. The data was analyzed through SPSS. The findings of this study suggest that the teacher training institutions should improve their in-service teacher trainings that teachers become able to develop and practice the all components of teaching practices.