Gamma Irradiation effect on red flour Beetle of Stored Grain

  • N. I. JAJJA
  • M. R. KHAN
  • I. KHAN
  • G. A. BALOCH
  • M. R. KHAN
  • A. HAMID
  • M. IQBAL
  • S. SAEED
Keywords: Red flour beetle, gamma irradiation, egg hatchability, larval development, mortality


Red flour beetle is a serious pest. Gamma irradiation effect on different stages of red flour beetle, their preventive doses and adult sterility were investigated. Eggs being radiosensitive 24 hours old eggs failed to hatch at 10 Gy. In 7 days old radiated larvae 100Gy showed more mortality and lower pupae formation while adult emergence prevented at 80Gy and 60 Gy caused F1 steriltiy in adults. The treated pupae of 7 days showed adult emergence in all treatment but 100 Gy showed minimum adults and F1 sterility in males achieved at 80 Gy while female were sterile at 80 60. In treated adults, irradiated male and irradiated female were sterile at 100Gy while irradiated male and female together showed sterility at 80 Gy. Developmental stages longevity increased as the doses increased and the growth index decreased with increment of doses. A dose of 100 Gy is recommended to control all stages in stored products.