Design and implementation of MIMO antenna for Ku-band applications

  • M. AHMAD
  • G. AHMAD
  • S. JAN
Keywords: MIMO, Mutual coupling, Ku-band, VSWR, Gain.


This paper presents the designing and implementation of MIMO antenna for operation in Ku-band. The resonant frequency of antenna is 14.7 GHZ. Firstly, the single Micro-strip patch antenna were designed with the dimension of L=6.5×7.90mm2.Next,this single microstrip patch antenna is implemented in MIMO scenario with four radiating patches implemented on substrate orthogonally in such a way that to keep mutual coupling among radiating patches is less than -20db.This antenna has been simulated on Rogers RT5880 with dielectric constant of 2.2.The parameters like mutual coupling, impedance bandwidth, gain, directivity and efficiency of both the single radiating element and MIMO antenna is compared.