Battery life Checking by Applying Pearls Message Passing

  • Z. A. BHUTTO
  • D. N. HAKRO
  • M. MEMON
  • N. UL AIN
  • K. A. MEMON
  • M. ABBAS
Keywords: Battery Life, Belief Propagation, Message Passing


The study deals with Pearls Message Passing algorithm for battery life checking problem. The Battery life was checked and decided that whether battery is working at its peak performance or lost its performance, or otherwise . The graph representing the different nodes like battery life, performance, reasons, Heat, light fluctuation and low performance. It also graph presenting the conditional probabilities applied with assumption otherwise we can modify the program so that we can apply the probabilities on runtime given by the user. The network has the potential to detect new nodes also and decides why the performance has been decreased and whether the battery is out of order, infected by heat and light fluctuation or not working. The network also has the node named with out of order which shows that battery has lost all of the performance so we can say the battery life is over and now it needs to be replaced. The work can be extended to perform more complex task and with additional list of reasons or accidental events occur during the life of a battery. The idea can be implemented by the laptop manufacturers and mobile phones as they are the potential application as the Intel Company has already implemented its system in microprocessor checking