Causes and Impact of Exclusion in Southern Punjab

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Aisha Ahmad
Prof. Dr. Ayaz Muhammad


The aim of this paper is to investigate causes and impact of exclusion in Southern Punjab. It has been witnessed that Pakistan as a whole is still an underdeveloped country where people are suffering from all kinds of exclusion i.e. on social, political, economic and ethnic levels. Though Punjab is considered to be the most developed and prosperous province of Pakistan but the fact is that the development in the province is uneven, in equal, and disproportionate. The areas known as the Southern Punjab are the glaring example. It has been observed that the people of this region have been suffering from the abuses of exclusion in general while as a particular case women of the area are subjected to such exclusion which is rather worse, because the male have to face such exclusion which is the product of the general condition of the country whereas the roots of exclusion faced by females are outdated customs.

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