• The Government
    Vol 8 (2019)
    Editor’s Message

    I am pleased to present the work of our contributors in this Vol: VIII – 2019, which articulate the latest developments in the broad areas of social sciences. The content represented cover a variety of themes such as Political Economy, Women Empowerment, Strategic Studies and Justice.

    The journal aims to publish research manuscripts which meet the standards of quality research work; it includes original research articles, discussions of Book Reviews.

    It is great to share that we have enhanced journal’s indexation; along with EBSCO and IPSA now the  journal is also indexed in Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI)  and Asian Digital Library (ADL).

    I am very much thankful to our Editorial Advisory Board Members, National and International Review Committee members for their expert opinion and staunch support towards research promotion and accomplishing the task in time.

    We look forward to receive research articles, positive criticism, feedback (if any) and suggestions for upcoming Vol - IX – 2020. 

    Chief Editor

    Prof. Dr. Kiran Sami

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