Published: 2017-09-20

The Conventional and Islamic Banking: A Socioeconomic Perspective

Dr. Sobia Shafaq Shah, Hira Afroz, Dr. Asif Ali Shah


Legislation to Reduce Army Influence: A Case Study of Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mughees Ahmad, Saima Naseem, Fahmida Memon


Pakistan-China Cooperation and its Impact on South Asia

Imran Ali Noonari, Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon


Awareness of Islamic Banking in the Society: A Case Study of Hyderabad

Dr. Maria Aijaz Shaikh, Dr. Aisha Bashir Shah, Ghazala Umer Bhaghal


Sindhi Named Entity Recognition (SNER)

Dil Nawaz Hakro, Maqsood Ahmed Hakro, Intzar Ali Lashari


Academic Construct of Social Welfare Services and Social Safety Net

Waseem Ishaque, Dr Saima Shaikh, Dr. Akbar Ali Mahesar


Bibliometric Analysis of The Government: Annual Research Journal of Political Science

Dr. Saeed Ullah Jan, Dr. Nisar Ahmed Subhpoto, Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Rind


1857: A Question in A Paradox for the Muslims of South Asia

Prof: Dr. Zulfaqar Ali Chughtai, Prof: Dr. Mamoona Khanam, Prof. Dr. Kiran Sami Memon