Pakistan On The Roadway To Socio-Economic Development: A Comprehensive Study Of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (Cpec)

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Atif Shan Makhdoom
Dr. Aisha Bashir Shah
Dr. Kiran Sami


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is considered as the biggest and most effective deal between the two countries. CPEC is referred as a game changer project largely for Pakistan and reasonably for China. CPEC consists of various trade routes from Gwader Pakistan to Kashgar China. These trade routes will not just be comprised of only roads but there will be various economic/industrial zones, electric power plants, fiber cable connections etc. This all development will be highly effective for the economic wellbeing and stability of Pakistan. CPEC can provide many economic benefits to Pakistan. The foremost advantage is the huge investment in Pakistan via CPEC projects which is around $ 46 billion. The future expectation level by both the countries is very high. China is one of the largest states of the world. The sea ports of China are covering only eastern and southern parts of China while the western and central parts of China face difficulty in easy access towards sea ports. However, they can be easily connected to sea ports via shorter routes through Pakistan once CPEC will be completed. CPEC can be termed as a game changer project for Pakistan because it has potential to help Pakistan in resolving important issues related to its economy, social well-being and geo-political importance.

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