Libyan Gold Dinar Plan and US-NATO Retort

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Prof. Dr. Mughees Ahmed
Zainab Murtaza
Tanzila Shahzadi


Africa is one of the richest continents of world, with great amount of unexplored mineral wealth and gold. Africa had been kept in wars for centuries. Libya, is African state, had 144-ton gold, relatively, United States had no gold. The American institutions have controlled the money supply and determine to control everything. Gaddafi understood their policy; therefore, he did everything possible to make Libya independent, and self-sufficient. They created conditions for aid to other countries. It can be happened that demanding countries including Libya give up their gold to powerful financial system which was never happened in Gaddafi era. Moreover, Gaddafi made overwhelming policies which made Libya economically independent with its own oil, water, food, and even its own state bank. The state had become richest state of Africa. For recent decades, World Bank and Monetary Fund, the US instruments, have been suppress African real development. Gaddafi’s gold dinar plan would be a tsunami for western economy, especially for dollar. United States intervened militarily in Libya under Obama administration for American interest.

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