Novel Trends of Research in Curriculum of Teacher Education in Global Perspective

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Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo
Safia Khatoon Mesa
Fahmida Aslam Memon


The study focused on curriculum of teacher education in Pakistan and modern trends in this sphere in international perspective to assess policy making by different concerned agencies; and classify crucial evidence gaps to suggest future research and development programs on teacher education curriculum. Apart from other practices related to pedagogy used by teacher in formal and informal classroom, effectiveness of pedagogical practices, the curriculum and practicum; the school curriculum and guidance materials best support effective pedagogy were comprehensively covered. The major findings of the study include: teacher peer support, alignment of teacher need with professional development, improved pedagogy and assessment modes in practice; teacher monitoring; head teacher’s support and alignment of evaluation forms with the curriculum. Research is needed on combining quantitative and qualitative methods with measurement of baseline and post-tests student achievement due to systematic reform intervention and classroom observation at larger scale. Moreover, schools in rural and remote for his presence and student need to be researched. The study also focus another gap related to teacher’s practices at secondary school levels, examining stabilities and continuities with curriculum and pedagogies at primary level. Problems faced by the overage student in class need to be carefully examined and need to know how teacher positively handle class comprised of students older than the prescribed age limit in the same class and grade. Both formative and summative forms of assessment may be ensured that teacher use in relation to the curriculum. Generally, four models of curriculum are in function that includes: content-driven curricula, process-driven curricula, objectives-driven curricula and outcomes of competence based curricula. After going through the details of these models, the best options for Sindh province can be derived to innovate the existing curriculum of teacher education.

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