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Nasrullah Kabooro
Muhammad Ali Laghari
Ms. Farzana Solangi


Sindh has produced so many literary scholars, saints, poets and wise people who worked for growth and development of Sindh. Among such figures the great scholar whom the history of Sindhi and Persian literature would never forget who cultivated a barren field and sowed seed of fertile on a barren field of literature for the blooming generation of Sindh. Dr. Omer bin Muhammad Daud Poto- a famous research scholar, writer and historian is highly remembered as literary figure in the field of literature for his work and contribution comprised of national and international levels throughout the history among the others, and he was praised for his work due to constant handwork, passion and struggle in the walks of life. Albeit his literary services imparting precious knowledge pertaining to social life and human struggle as well guidance for the people of Sindh. This research article attempts to give clarity of his academic and literary services since his birth till death whatsoever the personal life under poverty confronted with innumerable issues and barrier for life made challengeable life on the Earth. However, the role of different personalities who motivated his life like his teacher and unbearable circumstances which disturbed the matter of life. His unflinching efforts towards for literature through his life proved his highness of his emotions and thoughts that were extremely nurtured and matured in every mode of expressions witnessing his proof to being conscious in contributing his life for academic and literary services rendering fruitful knowledge for novices in the field of literature.

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