Facebook Usage and Its Impact on Youth: A Case Study of Students of Sindh University

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Dr. Saima Kamran Pathan
Dr. Kamran Taj Pathan
Dr. Muhammad Ali Memon


Youth is a very important resource of any society. It is necessary that the youth of the society is productive and using its time wisely which helps the society in shorter terms and in the longer terms as well. The main purpose of this study is to find the impact of individual differences of gender on the timing, frequency, purpose of usage of Facebook among Sindh University students. In this study, we aim to analyze how frequently our youth especially university students use Facebook, why they use Facebook, what times they use Facebook and the extent to which they will be willing to pay. This all shows their preferences for using their resources of time and money efficiently. In this study, we have collected primary data through questionnaire. For the analysis of the data, this study uses descriptive statistics (counts and frequencies) and non-parametric independent sample test and non-parametric One-way ANOVA for ranks. From our study, we conclude that our youth especially the university students are very actively involved in the usage of Facebook. Even the purposes for which they are using Facebook is not very productive; most of their time they are making friendships, chatting, commenting and posting various things on the media. Educational institutions and government should take some effective measures for the betterment of the conditions of youth.

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