Women Participation in Relief and Reconstruction after the Earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan

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Tabassum Rehmani
Anwaar Mohyuddin
Jamil Sheikh


In this research paper entitled “Women Participation in Relief and Reconstruction after the Earthquake of 2005 in Balakot, Pakistan” the main focus would remain on the after effects of the 2005 earthquake in Balakot as the disasters have a considerable impact on women’s lives all over the world. Generally they are considered most vulnerable and victim of the disaster. Conversely women played an active role in the reconstruction activities of the earthquake 2005 in Balakot. In the post disaster scenario many national and international organizational appeared to be a pull factor for women to participate in the reconstruction phase. The local women of Balakot were mobilized to participate in relief and reconstruction plans. This paper deliberates the case studies of women who actively participated in the reconstruction process, role in the welfare of the community. The women were evaluated as an agent of social change for being a part of field work of NGO’s during and post disaster scenario. The Women reconstructed their social roles by providing moral and social therapy to families and hence communities. At the empirical level, the paper does not analyze women's roles during and post disaster phase, but consequences the transformation of gender roles. This study, based on theoretical and empirical knowledge obtained through secondary and primary data. The qualitative anthropological techniques were used to collect empirical data.

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