The Impact of Climate-Change on Fish Production: A Case Study of Argungu and Yauri Local Government Area in Kebbi State of Nigeria

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Dr Kamleshewer Lohana
Dr. Lawal Mohammed Anka
Zareen Khan Rind


The study examined fish farmers awareness regarding climate-change influence on fish farming yield in Argungu and Yauri Local Government Areas in Kebbi State of Nigeria. A total sample size of 140 was selected divided into 70 sample size per Local Government. Multi stage sample was used in the selection of respondents. Primary data was collected through face to face interview administered on respondents. Data was analysed using arithmetic mean, percentages and descriptive statistics. The major conclusions drawn from this paper were: Data presented regarding perception of Fish Farmers on climate change revealed that, 24(34.2%) Argungu and 28(40%) Yauri reported drastic change in weather. While 3(4.2%) Argungu and 10(14.2%) Yauri agreed on poor harvest of Fish. Similarly, 26(37.1%) Argungu and 15(21.4%) Yauri increase harvest of Fish. About 4(5.7%) Argungu and 3(4.2%) Yauri reported Fish disease infestation. Perception of respondents regarding techniques to reduce effect of weather due to natural variability on Fish production have shown that 10(14.2%) Argungu and 15(21.4%) Yauri reported building ponds close to water sources. While 6(8.5%) Argungu and 3(4.2%) Yauri agreed on bore-holes and well-construction to supply water during season when rain does not fall. Majority of the respondents 26(37.1%) Argungu and 33(47.1%) Yauri reported on seeking / listening to information about climate change. On the basis of the above conclusions, it is recommended that there is a need for active collaboration among Fish Farmers and other stakeholders to create more awareness on the climate change impact on aquaculture in the study areas. Therefore, H0 hypothesis 1 is accepted and HA alternate hypothesis is rejected and HO Null hypothesis 2 is rejected while Alternate hypothesis HA 2 is accepted.

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