Child Marriage in Pakistan- An Issue or a Misconception: An Analytical Study in the Light of Science, Psychology and Religion

  • Arshad Syed Karim
  • Bismah Hassan
  • Dr. Kamleshwar Lohana


The issue of child marriage has been taken up as a serious issue not only in Pakistan but also in the world. It is creating negative impact affecting the young girl in manifold such as in social and physiological development, particularly in girls who are not prepared to get married at a young age. In South Asia, child marriage is not a new phenomenon and is affecting millions of girls every year. It has been a socially established practice carried on from generations after generations both in India and Pakistan.In Pakistan, as in other countries of South-Asia, child marriage is practiced more in rural areas as a mean to establish strong relations between families, to senle disputes between aristocratic and royal families and to make deals over land and property. Despite the establishment  of international bodies and government laws, government in Pakistan is unable to enforce existing law to remove discrepancy between national law, customary law and religious law. Child marriage is considered a personal maner governed by culture and religion. Pakistan faces a serious problem of childhood marriage in its social system. The most significant cause is a combination of established traditional values, weakness in implementation of state law and social system This research intends to takes up issue of childhood and marriage in Pakistan, in the light of science, psychology, Islamic law and different religions in order to understand event of marriage and prescribed age limits. Only then we will be able to differentiate child marriage, youth marriage, and early marriage in Pakistan and direct our efforts in right direction for girls who get married forcibly.