Indo-Us Relations: Impact on China

  • Imran Ali Noonari
  • Majid Ali Noonari
  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Pasha


Indo-US relations have changed dramatically at the tum of the century and has presented a challenge for the rising china due to the fact that both the states view China as the major competitor/challenger to their interests in the region. The Indo-US cooperation has been strengthened since the 2005 which resulted in the signing of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal of 2006, and Washington considered India as a major part of its Asia Pivot strategy. Not only that but they have considered China a threat to them due to its ever increasing influence and strategic cooperation with the states of the region in the shape of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) to connect the economies of the states with China, which presented an alternate to the Washington and New Delhi. The Indo-US partnership has met with significant challenges by the Chinese rise which led towards the forging of close alliances with the states of the Asia Pacific region in order to contain the China.