Challenging Position of Deans in Governance Practices in Public Universities, Pakistan: A Case Study

  • Shakeela Shah
  • Dahshillah Junejo
  • Sanober Salman


This research study inclines to investigate the foremost challenges faced by the deans in governance process in public universities, Pakistan. There is role conflict in governance practices in both selected public universities. The universities constitutional short falls have created room for working on supposition and everybody opts what deems himfit. Qualitative case study approach was used to obtain both the aspects e.g. in depth description and analysis of bounded system. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews. The study pinpointed that there is role conflict between various responsibilities in the public universities in Pakistan which caused difference of opinion to the extent of job clash. Every stakeholder complains that his duty is being performed by the other. As a result, confusion and misconception gives birth to complexities in university system. The confusion of role has been noted in many areas like dean versus chairmen, dean versus pro­ vice chancellors