The Social Change Effect on Individual Performance Due To Inadequate Sleep: A Case Study of Adolescent Students in Hyderabad City

  • Dr. Muniza Malik
  • Lubna Ahmed Soomro
  • Dr. Shabana Thnio


Effects of sleep on productivity of individuals have been suggested by different social scientists but less work has done with reference to our society. Due to rapid use of technology, it is generally observed that people mostly remain awake till late night using internet and mobile phones, having chats with social groups, using face book, watching movies, playing games etc. Sleep plays a vital role not only in the psycho-physiological health but also on the work performance, decision making abilities and socialization of individuals. Youth is an important segment and future potential of society, also following this unhealthy life style. Which is affecting them badly in terms of their poor academics, improper attention and concentration during day time, inadequate decision making and inefficient working capacity beside having poor health. There is a need to understand and analyze their sleep pattern and its effects on their academics. Thus, this research was conducted to analyze the sleep pattern of young adolescent students at Hyderabad city. The data were collected from one hundred and twenty college students. The participants' age ranged from 16-18 years. Data were collected from high and low academic achievers. Both groups were analyzed on the sleep pattern inventory. Results indicated differences in the sleep pattern of both groups. High achievers were found to have more adequate sleep pattern than the low achievers. Low academic achievers take sleep of less than 4 hours. The implications of the study are important for the policy makers, education department and educationists who planned to improve the academic performance and skills of the young students. Results of the study pointed out the need to aware our youngsters about the importance of sleep for better cognitive functioning and good psycho-physiological health to play their role more effectively for the stable and bright future of country