Research on the Constitution of the Core Competencies of Leaders: Based on Behavioral Event Interview

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Sheng Kai
Chen Shuwen
Zulfiqar Haider


Leaders, cultivated by the organization, become the core force, the source of the reform and development of the organization, and the engine to grow its economy. The promotion of the organization's core competence, according to facts, lies more likely on its leaders` core force due to their roles of dominance, directivity, and fundamentality and as well their basic and key position to foster and build the core competence. The core force is not only an important theoretical proposition but also a practical one, concerning the foundation of their leadership and more heavily the success or failure of the organization. This study firstly identified the core competencies of leaders through Behavioral Event Interview(BEI) and then summarized the core competencies of leaders into three dimensions: overall command ability, managerial communication ability, and strategic leadership ability, and then elaborated on the contents of each dimension.

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