Critical Analysis of the 1956 Constitution: Origins and Its Failure

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Ghulam Mustafa Gaho
Dr. Yasmeen Yousuf Pardesi
Dr. Jamshed Ali Baloch


Constitution making in Pakistan remained a scrapheap challenge. The state of Pakistan, since its inception, has experienced three constitutions of 1956, 1962 and 1973. The focus of this research article is the critical analysis of the first constitution of Pakistan that was passed in 1956. Political development during the initial period of Pakistan manifests fervent political instability in the country. The significant factor of chaotic situation in the state was failure of constitution making and lack of leadership in Pakistan. The constitution of 1956 was passed for short period of time and was abrogated in 1958. The gap that was created due to failure of the first constitution has affected the future course of Pakistan and led to multiple constitutions with dozens of amendments. Many scholars are of the view that behind the failure of the constitution of 1956 was military establishment.

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