Good Governance in Pakistan during Ayub Khan’s Rule (1958-1969)

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Ghulam Ali Gabol
Dr. Amir Ali Chandio


There were problems in Pakistan from the beginning, hence maintaining of good governance remained the major issue from 1947 to 1969. The founder and governor-general Jinnah focused over-improving governance. In 1951 General Muhammad Ayub Khan was made Pakistan Army‟s Commander-in-Chief. Seven prime ministers served between 1947 to October 1958 but the issues pertaining to rule of law, justice, transparency, accountability, and protection of human rights, etc were not properly handled. Ayub ruled the country from 1958 to 1969. The people were allowed to participate in the local government elections. Effective measures were taken to minimize corruption. The introduction of the presidential system, land reforms, and new industrial plants were for maintaining good governance. Ayub Khan‟s rule was significant in the Cold War era. Pakistan made progress and development in economy. This paper would analyze good governance in Muhammad Ayub Khan‟s rule during 1958-1969.

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