Political Economy of Development in Pakistan

  • Dr Jamshed Ali Baloch
  • Humera Hakro
  • Dr. Farhan Khaskheli


The focus of this research is to discuss Pakistan’s economic development and major impediment to it. Despite increase in regional economic growth, Pakistan’s economy is turning down wards. The roller coaster economy of Pakistan sometimes got boom due to foreign aid however, the overall situation of the economy is disappointing. In this article different indexes are used to evaluate economic and developmental situation of Pakistan as Reports of State Bank of Pakistan, , Sustainable Development Indicators, , Financial Development Report 2012 And Economic Surveys Of Pakistan 2014-15-16 and 17. In this research article deficit financing in the country is discussed; due to mismanagement of economic resources, institutional inefficiency, imbalance between the expenditure and revenue, corruption and bad governance in the country the economy of Pakistan could not keep a breast with the regional and international economic system. Even it lagged behind smaller regional states like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka