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Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed
Siraj Nizamani
Saima Kousar


India is developing ten different versions of BrahMos Missiles. Since, 2017 it has carried out sixty tests of BrahMos missile alone. Missile speed ranges from Mach 2.8 to under developed Mach 6. It can destroy targets within290 KMs to under developed 1000 KMs range with grave security implications for Pakistan. BrahMos Block-I and II is currently deployed in Southern and Northern Rajhasthan and BrahMos-A at Halwara Air Force Station to destroy counterforce targets inside Pakistan. Qualitative improvements, production, deployment and missile ability to carry nuclear warheads intensifies Pakistan’s threat perception. SOW capabilities endow Indian armed forces to operationalize offensive military operations, decapitating strikes, surgical strikes and first strike to destroy Pakistan’s counterforce targets.Missile deployments at sea, land based assets and aerial vehicles are eroding strategic and crisis stability. It requires doctrinal and operational changes and inherits problems wherein C2 will face operational challenges during Crisis.Deterrence can breakdown in future. New Delhi is widening the prevailing gulf between India and Pakistan to tilt the strategic balance in Indian favor. Indian decision makers instead of investing in offensive arms should work on Confidence and SecurityBuilding Measure (CSBMs) and operationalize strategic restraint regime to preserve regional peace.

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